Cheat Sheet to Program a PLU in the IM series.



Entering Manager Mode

            x1 then x2.  4296.


Programming a PLU


            Press 1 for System Data

            Press 1 for Products

            Press 2 for Create & Edit

                        PLU #-input your PLU # and.

                        Label format-press 3 and press print.   

                        Display text-you’ll input your product description and press print.

                        Text 1-you’ll input your product description and then press print. 

            Text 2-you would input your ingredients and press print.

            Tax 1-not used…press print

            Group number-not used…press print

            Price Type-choose type and then input price and press print.

            Net weight-input the weight if used and press print.

            Date 1-toggle using to go to Date 1 days then press print.

            Date 2-toggle usingto go to Date 2 days and input a number for sell by date and press print.

            Sales Text 1-if used input the reference number of the sales message and press print. 

            Logo-if used input the reference number of the logo and press print.  (You must have a label format that has a logo field to have a logo printed.)

            Barcode-toggle using the to go to Barcode Format 1 and choose which format you’re going to use.

Traceability-not used…press print.

Nutri Panel-not used…press print.

Assign key….press the hot shot key on the keyboard if you’re using hot shot keys.