The Company

GSG - Grocery Solution Group is the merged technologies of GENESIS GROUP & GENESIS-POS which was started by a merger then a break away event. Since this merger in early 2005 we have become the fastest growing company in our segment (Small to Mid-Size Grocery Locations) of Scale communications, POS, Mobile Tools for Perishables, Enhanced Labels Printing and scale data mining. Being a smaller developer we can focus on what counts, our clients. In the beginning we started like many others, with ideas, and talents. We continue to grow, doubling every year, and extending our product line. Currently we support over 10000+ Scales from manufacturers like:


Avery Berkel, Bizerba, Hobart, Mettler Toledo, Toshiba (TEC), Ishida, DIGI and other Tier one scale companies.


We are the only perishable developer that is both Microsoft Certified in the Partners program, but also a reseller for the popular POS systems from leaders you use daily. We branched out in 2008 to include these POS (Point of Sale) programs, and have written tools that pass your valued data into these POS systems by simple means. We know the difficulties today of doing more with less and saving on employee cost, that's why our software can do more then just talk to scales, it talks POS. Our technologies are all software based, so costly special hardware isn't needed to push pricing into your scales, or move into the POS programs. GSG takes great pride in our abilities to craft software designed with a true intuitive interface, and you the user in mind. Our GWARE & GSG line of software isn't batched based like others, but date driven so thinking is as easy as a calendar. Here at GSG we listen to our clients, because you have some of the best ideas. Many times, features incorporated in the latest versions come from ideas our clients request. So when others say they listen to the customer, here at GSG we really do!


We believe that software and hardware shouldn't be difficult, or priced out of the reach of smaller Grocery owners. We support locations as large as 100+ stores, and as little as 1, but stay true to the ideals that we will craft the most cost effective software in our segment period!


Grocery Solutions Group (GSG) will always work hard to earn your valued business, and will "Making software work!" not only be our moniker but our focus.



 Contact us at 630-319-0903 for Sales Information of our product line.


The GSG Team

Gregory Nelson, Founder


Greg is the brain trust here at Genesis. His development skills go back in computer time to the late 70’s where he worked evenings crafting code for companies that didn’t have any idea what computers really could do. During the early PC (personal computer) days, before even DELL, Gateway he worked on coding his home brew computer, and hung out with the early NERDS of the time (STEVE’S, BILL’S, PAUL'S). During these early years software grew slowly due to systems being slow, and expensive. When Windows started as an idea Greg leaped onboard for what can only be called a rollercoaster in tech. He has worked for Microsoft, Apple, GE, PPG, Tandon Computer and others, and on projects for Motorola, Lucent/Bell, WW Grainger and a list that looks like a who’s who.  Greg also is the developer of STEP Series Software, GENTools, and a host of other database centric applications which are used by 100’s of companies here in the US. “I began programming in high school, and created my first real application which was a complete database engine back in 1975, and haven’t really stopped my passion of creation of software that works, and which makes life easier for end users”. When not working on software he gets to hangout with his family doing his other passion “being a Hubby and Dad”, family! Greg lives in Illinois near Chicago the land they call “Pizza world”. (local 630-319-0903)









Recent Awards & Articles


GENESIS Named Top VAR at VARTECH 2008 by Bluestar Inc. - Awarded Magnificent 7 status.


Terry Selkirk stated "GENESIS has grown at over 300% in 2008, and continues its rise in the Grocery/Perishable segment, and

looks for 2009 to have similar growth. We are releasing software, and POS tools, that others in our industry have selected to ignore. Our top to bottom approach with POS and Scales

has been extremely well received by Warehouse groups that service our core business line (small to midsize) stores."


GENESIS - December 2008 Business Solutions Magazine (Click for Scanned Article)

Announcing our expanded line of drivers, and becoming one of Blue Star - Fusion program success stories.




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Photo of Greg Nelson & Terry Selkirk (old Partner)