The #1 expense for all Grocery Stores is LABOR! Use the right solutions together!

Why buy from GENESIS - Simply put we know more about Grocery Stores then any POS Dealer in the US. We have owned stores and consulted, and shared that knowledge with owners like you. We have been in the trenches making, and developing solutions since 1978 which makes us one of the oldest vendors in the US. We work directly with our vendors to secure the best equipment, solutions, and pricing because we know where you're coming from, and where you could be with the selection of the right POS solutions provider - GENESIS !

Complete Store Solutions from GENESIS

Are you opening a store from the ground up? Are you new to point of sale (POS) and unsure of just what you need to run your Grocery Store?

GENESIS provides complete point of sale solutions using POS stations, software and networking technologies that get your operations up and running quickly and easily. Whether you are opening a single retail store, adding new stores or updating existing systems, you can rely on our abilities to handle all aspects of system integration.

  • Flat Panel POS Terminal
  • Receipt Printer
  • Magnetic Card Swipe
  • Scanner
  • Cash Drawer
  • Debit Pin Pad
  • Digital Signature Capture Pad
  • Customer Pole Display
  • UPS Backup Battery
  • Programmable Keyboard
  • Thermal Barcode Label Printer
  • Mobile Terminal
  • Mobile Printer




  • Sync GWARE data into RMS
  • Sync Supplier Master list between GWARE & RMS
  • Sync Item Codes from Warehouse into RMS
  • Update Sale/Retail Prices in RMS or GWARE
  • Audit Sales Details


  • Load a New Store from a WAREHOUSE FILE
  • Sync GWARE data
  • Sync Suppliers
  • Update Retails/Sell

The only tool in the industry supporting both Scale Communications and POS is the GWARE POS Tools Series of software.



Six Key Drivers for POS Upgrades in 2009/2010

  1. Customer Service issues

  2. Equipment Failures/Maintenance Cost

  3. Error Rates & Training Issues

  4. PCI Compliance Concerns

  5. Customer Marketing Initiatives

  6. Employee Wellbeing

Many of these points are basic in terms of needs and wants, but the biggest is customer service issues. When was the last time you stood in line? Customer frustrations can drive away them faster then anything. The number one reason for customers leaving a store is long lines. It was not price, or even rudeness (that's high up there), but waiting in those long check out lines. Why do you think self check out systems are so big today!

Remember that 32% of your TCO is within the first year of purchase the remaining should be calculated over the life of the POS purchase (5+ Years) 

National Study by Hospitality Technology & SICOM

Our GWARE StoreTender, RMS, CATAPULT, LPOS, SYMPHONY POS, and our UNIVERSAL POS software provide the fastest methods for file making, and import into well known POS packages. Our GWAREHOUSE RMS tool can update file makes for 2000 PLU's in under 5 seconds "try doing that with a pricing coordinator". We here at GENESIS take "Making Software Work" serious, because we have been in those trenches with you for 30+ years!

Simple math Person = $25,000 to keep your pricing in order - Error rate 3-7%

Software = Buy it - Use It - Error Rate 0%


Genesis POS tools allow data entered in GWARE Advanced to be processed at the same time into the Scales, and your POS. This allows everything to stay in sync saving you extra steps, and one point of entry. The loss when Scale systems, and POS are not in sync is the largest money losses for most Grocery stores today.





Scales systems from  Avery Berkel, Bizerba, Hobart, Mettler Toledo, Tec/Ishida, DIGI and others are supported by GWare. So stop working double! Let GWare & GENESIS software do the heavy lifting into your POS, because GENESIS is "Making Software Work"!  


GWare Advanced scale communication software controls your perishable items, ingredients, related data updates to retail food stores and fresh food departments. In the past these departments have used either proprietary stand alone software or entered data at each deli, meat, bakery, and produce scale. For example, if you have 5 scales in your store, price changes would have to be entered 6 times; one time for each scale and one time for the Point of Sale System.


With GWare Advanced, you control critical data such as Retail Price, Ad Price, Ad on and off dates, Tare, Shelf Life, and Ingredient text for the scales from one entry point. Reducing the number of times price changes and other data have to be entered. Which in turn, reduces labor and the opportunity for errors. When the GWare controller communicates to the scales, GWare sends all data to the scales then communicates retail prices, ad prices, and ad on and off dates to your Microsoft Retail Management System synchronizing the two systems


When your deli sells a pound of bologna, the scale prints a price embedded barcode label. When the label is scanned the Point of Sale System will read the price from the barcode.  If the retail price in RMS is set to $0.00 the system just reads the price from the barcode and records the sale. You will see that you sold one unit worth $3.59. With GWare synchronizing the scale with the POS, you not only get the benefit of entering the price change once, you will see that you sold 1.20 pounds of bologna at $2.99 per pound 


Since 1978


Michigan - Sales Office

Illinois - Development/Support

The biggest things in POS enhancements come from GENESIS!

Tools that will make your time price auditing, auto price updating, over/short auditing, reconciliation, credit/check controls with audit and more are under development for RMS, StoreTender, and other POS systems. GENESIS is your single source for Grocery Store everything!

GENESIS is a Authorized/Reseller and Installer of Microsoft RMS