It's time to price your files a new way!

Starting now you can enjoy the use of GWAREHOUSE to import your warehouse files directly into GWARE Scale software. This software is designed to take advantage of many warehouse files along with, GENESIS and scale technologies from vendors like:

Avery Berkel, Bizerba, DIGI, Hobart, Mettler Toledo, Toshiba, Ishida and others.

 You simply setup an account with your warehouse group for downloading the weekly pricing files (requires warehouse participation in the program), import them, and select & price your products. A few clicks is all it takes to make what took hours before. GENESIS even can import into RMS POS, L-POS, Catapult, Symphony, Auto-Star, and others using our GUPOS Generic tools with only a few clicks. Tired of setting up scale files? Tired of setting up that POS? The time is now to free up your time! Contact either GENESIS or your local approved warehouse to take advantage of technologies that work, and work well for you our valued customers.

Direct support for multiple warehouse groups, and default label types were added to the GWAREHOUSE III. So management of pricing files from different vendors is as easy as download, review, and move into your scales, and POS.


C & S Wholesale Grocers


  1. Import from your Warehouse Files

  2. Merge data into GWARE Advanced

  3. Check Missing Critical Information Tools

  4. Sort By Sub Groups

  5. View Deleted Warehouse items

  6. View Just added & Normal Stock Items

  7. Get Weekly pricing updates*

GWAREHOUSE is here to save you valued price management time.

Use the saved time that GENESIS products provide to

 enhance your bottom line,

 and provide the knowledge that its done once, the right way!

Since 1978


Michigan - Sales Office

Illinois - Development/Support

* some warehouse groups publish less/more often. Consult with your warehouse group for frequency.