Making Software Work

   Effective 3/1/2012


Software Fitness Program (SFP)

Protecting your software investment is a GENESIS mandate.

Software investment protection, continuous improvement, maintenance releases, flexible delivery, the latest, greatest features, and preferred pricing on support and training that is just a few benefits of SFP. We also offer special promotional pricing on add-on features with SFP. So the Genesis Software Fitness Program (SFP) entitles you to major releases occurring within your subscription period and it also ensures continuous improvement of your software.

Because technology is moving forward at an astounding rate, software that was purchased just a few years ago is now obsolete and will not operate on the latest hardware. Newer versions of operating systems are not compatible with some of the older releases of your software products. Federal guidelines being changed also adds to the required changes within software today. The SFP program will help protect your software investment. You can be assured that your business will be able to take full advantage of leading edge technology as it becomes available.

The SFP program allows you the option of when to upgrade. Your business can benefit from new features and capabilities as they become available-on your schedule. If you stay current with the subscription, it costs significantly less in time and money than to let it lapse.  The program keeps you from having to pay to upgrade later or purchase new when versions jump forward due to changes beyond our control.

Support and Training Features & Benefits

  • discounted technical support rates


  • the option to purchase prepaid support blocks - a 20% cost-savings


  • access to Remote Support and the Genesis Knowledge Base

Most important, the Software Fitness Program gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is running with the most current, feature-rich software available. It costs significantly less in time and money to stay current on the Software Fitness Program than to let it lapse and have to pay to upgrade or re-purchase later. SFP can be purchased thru our sales department directly, or thru and authorized GWARE sales agent.

*SFP is required with all sales of PRO Series, GWARE Advanced, and GMT software products. If you wave SFP for some reason, all updates, notification of changes, federal changes, coding enhanced items will not be sent in anyway or allowed for upgrading. Clients failing to purchase SFP or keeping it current are subject to re-purchase of software.


What is Support & How does it work……


All Support calls will be taken between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM CST Monday thru Friday.  No training can be provided using support calls, a separate request must be filed for these processes. You may request support thru our tech department only which will be provided to all users*; and if you have SFP currently paid **. Only currently paid (no past-due) will be provided any services of any type. All support calls are taken at 248-358-7370 (do not call our sales department). We take VISA/MC please have a credit card available before calling. You may purchase full support when your license for software use is purchased which covers internet only support trouble ticket and normal business hour support calls.

Standard 9-4:30 CST calls - $75.00 per item instance

Before/After Hours calls - $200.00 per call
(classed Monday – Friday, non-Holiday)

Holiday/Saturday/Sunday - $175.00 per 30 Minutes - min charge is $175.00

Per trouble ticket call back request - $75.00
(Filed thru Internet email, requesting a call back [US only])
* This may cover several items

Hardware and other software $175.00 per 60 Minutes

* Support is provided to all paid SFP clients, and users that are current on software versions within build ranges that allow effective support. Staying updated on software versions is client’s responsibility fully, and GENESIS, and GENESIS Sales Agents are not responsible for this process. Upgrades of more then 3 stepping may require complete reinstall, and are subject to a $250.00 charge for updating.

** These are subject to possible billings of back/un-paid SFP. All users must have SFP to support current version updates. If user is outside SFP for more then 3 months they are subject to 2 years payment of SFP and support charges for a tech support call. No support will be provided on software older then 400 days from most current release. Users are required to stay current, and provide active required updates. These require one call, and support call per year minimum to stay current with the latest software typically. It is also noted that when a BIOS/Firmware update is provided by scale manufacturers that have not been tested by GENESIS, end-user takes responsibility for data abilities to perform properly, until GENESIS has certified a version supporting these newer untested FIRMWARE'S/BIOS updates.