Scales are offline all the time

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Scales are offline all the time

Postby step2000 » Tue May 19, 2009 3:08 pm

Recently we have seen at GENESIS a huge increase in calls related to the scale(s) being offline, and nothing going down when sending data. Well we have traced it back to firmware, and router security. The short of this is a scale becomes a security risk within the router (the router turns off all traffic), and nothing will go down. The really strange thing is you can ping it all day after the removal and it will reply, but sending down packet strings will go no where. So the fix is reboot the scale, and all is clear, but wait it will happen within 24 hours again.....yes it happens again, and again. So what are you/we to do? Well GENESIS head of development has released a tool to prevent these, and other strange points in scales by developing GWARE SCALE HOP technologies. This new tool fixes what every scale company is or will be seeing soon, it keeps active the routers information thereby keeping the scales in the router good computer listing. So with that you ask how much, got a much's free to our clients (it does require a support call charge). To others needing it, well we could say no but we are nice......$149.00 gets you this tool, installed and ready to roll (per store). So stop the worry, and start working with a software company that understands top to bottom the Grocery World.

Contact Tech Support at 248-358-7370 Ext 2 to get your fix for those sleepy scales.

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