Grocers traditionally operate in a low margin, highly competitive environment, resulting in greater sensitivities to operating inefficiencies. The Genesis GWare Mobile Tracker Solution is designed to help grocery deli, bakeries, meat/seafood, produce, floral, and everything perishable improving on productivity and profitability. Reduce Shrink by 50% Track shrinkage of perishable bakery and deli products and use the information to assist you in your next day production planning. In addition, print tags on the spot with price-embedded bar codes to keep your inventory moving. Accurately Price Perishables Keep your prices in line with costs. Visibility to your costs with GWare cost lookup allows you to keep your profit margin where you want it.

Remember with GWare Mobile Tracker (GMT) you can now do department ending inventories, track purchases, sales, shrinkage, bakery sales, and transfers right from GMT. You no longer need to be an expert in computers to get the valuable information you need. With the use of GMT, you will be able to keep ahead of that data which is growing out of control.

The GMT system works where others canít; coolers, freezers and loading docks where wireless connection is often not available. A simple click and all the data is synchronized when a connection becomes available.

  • Print purchases to sales reports weekly

  • Easily track transfers between departments and stores

  • Save labor on time consuming inventories

  • Calculate inventories minutes after completion

  • Online & direct support by our developer staff

  • Remote Print labels & shelf tags

Remote Print Sample



Whether its Bakery, Meat, Seafood, Produce, or Deli we have solutions that build on our GWARE foundation. We bring it all together into one simple to use solution, and within even the tightest of budgets. So if that inventory, department to department, warehouse/vendor ordering or a host of other issues, are just that issues give GENESIS a call we have solutions to everything GROCERY! 



The Unitech HT660 is a rugged device that streamlines workflow using Microsoft CE 5.0 Professional Operating System. Perfect for one-handed operation, the slim design is durable enough to handle data collection in scan intensive environments such as warehousing and retail. Equipped with a 1D laser scanner, QVGA touch screen, 36-key keypad, SD Card Slot, Bluetooth, WiFi, and a 12-hour battery life, the HT660 a versatile workhorse.




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