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Making Software Work!

Developed to allow fast employee time Clock In / Out and review by the employee hours worked.

The Auditor allows Payroll manager to edit clocked out and in errors by employees.


Keep those prices secure for all TCP/IP based Hobart branded scale products. GSecure is an add-on module for GWARE Advanced. Keep your employees price changes to zero, insuring the greatest pricing safeguards for your store!

GWARE - GTotaler is here and Now! This special tool works together with GWARE Auto/Manual puller which launches, and pulls your valued information from your Hobart TCP/IP enabled scales. You can use the Back office tool to check daily or within a date range production information. So  management of staff in your scaled departments is now not a question, but complete, at your finger tips with just a few clicks away.

For more information contact us at: 248-358-7370


More then just POS file making, but true pricing with simple one click use. Stand alone or integrated into GWARE Clock (GC2008) this handy software tool makes RMS work with GWARE Advanced, and PRO Series. Current Retail, AD Pricing, AD On/Off Dates are sent within seconds. So stop entering your pricing by hand! Get the complete line of GWARE products and start saving time and money!!



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GENESIS releases GWAREKEY 2009 for Bizerba scales. This specialized tool allows SHOD100, 200 and CE2* series Scales to map direct PLU data to Flashkeys (ONE button). Terry Selkirk head of Sales stated "We now have even more then our competition to talk about with the release of GWAREKEY. Clients love to use flashkeys, but hate the work to load, and maintain, with this release life for them just got really easy!" To see how GWAREKEY, and all our products can save you time, contact us at 248-358-7370 ext 1.

* Currently supports tactile non-touch only CE2 Devices


GrocerX GPricer Costing Solution

Tried of getting cost, and marking it up? We with our GrocerX add-on GPricer you get all the controls in one place to:

Markup%, Gross Profit%, Freight on Unit, Freight AVG Apply on Order, Round to Retail endings (all prices end in 8,9 etc), Unit Cost, Case Price, and more

One you price file has been adjusted you click to move to GWARE or RMS 2.0.

So dump all those spreadsheets, and the old double/triple entry way of the past. Move your pricing into a real application that will save - time, increase profits, and complete your backoffice.

9/30 - New Import of Supplier/Vendor Cost files added to speed pricing changes.

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The most highly requested support tool for Hobart (Other scales as developed will be added) has been released for general sales. GController Advanced Series allows timed or stand alone collections of PING Results, STATUS (Memory related, PLU Count, Ingredient etc..), and local pulls of PLU files with all PLU data collections. This allows technical support staff, and trained users the ability to check if the scales are working properly. Developed so on site service calls, and cost associated to same can be controlled. By reviewing this data which is emailed to end users, or external support staff 99% of all on site calls can typically be prevented. So if your support cost are out of control, give GENESIS a call at - 248-358-7370 Ext 1.

GController can be used outside of GWARE Advanced cost as a stand allow tool.

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Echo This 1307076 Passed


TOTAL RAM - 1983
RAM FREE - 1965
PLU # - 25
OP # - 0
SM - 0
Exp/Ext - 0
TC - 0
Nutri - 0
Marq - 0
GWARE Super Store - 248-358-7370 - Store Mgr Name goes here


PULL File sample from Scale

|r#51000|m#|p#51000|rc127|bc0|dtEucalyptus Menthol Chips |xt0|ta0|xp0|nw0|pm11|sl0|pl0|u$999|up510000|u#02|pc0|tf0|pf0|l1103|


|g#|s#|r#51002|m#|p#51002|rc127|bc0|dtAssorted Menthol Fruit |xt0|ta0|xp0|nw0|pm11|sl0|pl0|u$1708|up510020|u#02|pc0|tf0|pf0|l1103|l20|p10|p20|pt0|




Putting a label on success!

Keeping up appearances


Find out


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Features of our label printing system

    High speed, high resolution output (2x2 label prints 75 to 100 per minute)

    USB & 802.11b connections

    Pick from our Library or have one custom   made to support just what you need!

    Easy-Load with label size from 1.75 to 4 wide up to 12 long

    Assign print format by PLU with GWare Advanced

    Barcode support: Ladder & 2 Dimensional

    Online & direct support by our developer staff


Options: Remote Print Queue, Wireless Label Requester using Datalogic, PSC, Unitech, and other handheld supported devices.


Highlight labels, Floral Bar coding, Fixed Weight, Ingredients and more. We can custom make anything from basic to extreme!


Keeping that image fresh is now more important then ever. With GWARE Advanced, and using our API, and partner products you can save time, and cost on your labeling needs. Stop ordering labels that sit, sometimes never to be used. Just press print, and produce on the fly what you need. Never wait for your label order again, the time is now to change your image with GWARE.

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