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  1. Multiple Departments

  2. Multiple Vendors

  3. Quick Enter Invoice Data (On Scan Unit)

  4. Full Support of Type II perishable barcode items (Meat, Deli, Bakery, Seafood, and Floral)

  5. Standard Scan Items (Center Store Items)

  6. Cost Items Scan/Enter Allowance area

  7. Vendor Information and Review (monthly purchases by vendor)

  8. Unlimited Vendors, Departments

  9. MSSQL Based data Engine

  10. Supports Local and Server Side SQL locations

  11. Standard CSV for Center Store Non Type II UPC by Dept file

  12. Filter by Date, Vendor, Type II qty rollup and others

  13. Extended Warranty Available for UTE Scanning Device

  14. Custom Connectors for SQL and other POS at additional Cost Available

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GENESIS-POS GWAREONE Inventory allows your monthly period inventories to be taken with great accuracy while
saving labor. Designed to take the difficult out of the complex was the number one goal of GWAREONE.

Coolers, freezers, and backrooms are inventoried at cost by entering the warehouse item
number, weight or count, and the current replacement cost of products. When the cost inventory is
retrieved from the scanner, the inventory software does all of the needed calculations.

(Filter your Vendor information collected to show period purchase) This is the quickest way to also track vendor totals for YTD, MTD and Period/Period values.

Retail inventory of meat, cheese, sandwich and salad counters that are priced with retail embedded barcodes are quickly
scanned. No more adding all the items up with a calculator. When the embedded barcodes inventory is
retrieved from the scanner, the inventory software parses out individual prices from the barcodes,
totaling up the retails of these products.

Inventory of barcodes products like lunch meat cases, package deli cases, and other products that are purchased with manufactured barcode are scanned, the quantity and current retail price is entered. After the inventory is complete you can retrieve the barcode and retail prices. This can be used to verify shelf price against your point of sale system to ensure that the shelf tag and system price matches.

Receiving can be logged by vendor, invoice number and invoice total during this period. The total
purchases are available to the system for period end calculation. You can also use this for purchases to
sale during the inventory cycle.

The system has a retail market down percentage available for each department. This allows the
software to calculate the retail inventories back to a cost figure. When the inventory is complete you enter sales for the period into the system. These totals are calculated and your gross profit dollars and percent are displayed and printed immediately.