GWARE Now Serving is ready to service your Deli, Meat and Counter sales. Developed to work from an IP Based server, the Main - Now Serving board allows advertising pictures to be shown at timed intervals. The system also allows custom messages to be rotated again with intervals, like:

* This feature allows direct connection into GWARE Advance and will auto display any item on sale (Format - Description @ $x.xx)


*** NEW *** Oct 2012

Sound Library to Announce to your guest - "Now serving ticket number XX"

Use our library or record your own (Standard MP3 file format supported)

This is a great way for Spanish or other announcements to be recorded and played.

 The remote can run from our touched based work station allowing features like:


You can also run the Remote from any PC in your department you may already have installed.

Screen sizes can support HDMI, VGA, XVGA and Extended VGA Monitors (purchased from GENESIS-POS), or use your own (We just need the screen size).

The Server side will except timer changes for intervals, message changes, shutdown and launch along with JPG & BMP supported advertisements.

So get more out of that DELI/MEAT counter sales area. Advertise your specials or other tag-a-longs and add to your sales bottom line.

Call 248-358.7370 for additional information.