When was the last time you were ever impressed in a Grocery?



Custom Labels supporting 2 - 4" Widths, 1" to 12" long

Nutrifact, Ingredient Text, UPC, Price, By Count, Discount Program Support and other features  standard.

GENESIS the makers of GWARE, is proud to release GWARE PRO IMPRESSIONS. This unique software allows small to midsize grocers the ability to standout from the competition. Developed for use with STAR Micronics printers, and using data from GWARE Advanced this fast data entry supports keypad, touch screen and mouse data entering.


Deploy in your bakery, and handle those quick sale request with proper labels like:

6 Donuts, at $0.49 each prints a label with by count of 6, UPC embedded price, and all that federal required information on one label not 2 or 3 typically. Save label cost, and man hours. We also have an add-on that allows pricing over-ride so if you're a smaller grocer needing to take mix orders, or a cake shop in need of a way to embed pricing in a custom cake order we have a solution for you!


GWARE LOGIC controller, the only logical choice in label printing today!

The day of purchasing a expensive scale printer for the Bakery has passed. The GWare Logic Controller has arrived. Available in Touch or Non-Touch models. The controller comes pack with GWare Advanced (scale communication controller), GWare Fast Print (bakery labeling software), Gware Impressions (bakery label by count printer), and our specialized computer offering FAN-LESS, low maintenance, and GENESIS support.

Call for details on how you can stop the flow of label cost, scale repairs, and training cost by using GWare, and GWARE Impressions.