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GWARE Pro Series offers an easy to use interface for your scale PLU data management.

Now in two versions PRO & Lite for 2011 - Excludes Recipes Mgr, Cut Test Mgr, and Costing Mgr  (LITE)


Some of the features are:

  • PLU scale description
  • Tare information & Tare by Zone
  • Shelf life
  • Ingredient text
  • Nutritional data support
  • File reporting
  • Scale communication and point of sale file support.
  • Expanded text, special massages, and Nutritional fact features & Reporting
  • Filter Pricing by Zone
  • Copy Zone Pricing with Date Filter
  • Up to 99 Pricing Zones
  • Up to 50,000 Stores
  • VPN IP Support with New GController from One or Multiple servers
  • Multiple AD Dates Supported


  • Value of ingredient costing for recipes
  • Cutting test
  • Suggests new retail pricing generated by an ingredient cost change.
  • FTP Server & Hosting using GFTP
  • New TPR & Discount Pricing added
  • Make file for import into BRDATA ***
  • Make file for S4 POS***
  • Kiosk File Export Support
  • AWG (Associated Wholesale Grocers), Piggly Wiggly, Sysco, Generic pricing/costing file imports


 NurtaCoster Support added - This module allows direct import

of Nutrifact details from Sweetware NutraCoster™.

Nutracoster is one of the fastest ways to build

required data for your labels. It is a low cost

solution for a very time consuming problem.



Some additional advantages of our scale management program are its ability to work in conjunction with perishable department label/scales and the front-end POS systems. The program is designed to enhance the PLU file maintenance, pricing and scan accuracy at one centralized location. Since the program is hosted from one central location a cost savings can be realized by eliminating labor resources at store level for file maintenance, price changes and new items data entry. Enhanced gross margin can be realized through accurate and timely price changes, cost of goods management, higher scan accuracy and supply controls.



  1. The advantages of Multi-store management systems are numerous and include:
  2. Retail Price Management
  3. Accurate Price Updates to front End Systems and Scale systems simultaneously
  4. Parity Pricing options for line items or multi pack sizing (8ct, 12ct, 24ct)
  5. Immediate Price and File Change Capabilities
  6. Zone Pricing Options
  7. Recommended retail features based off of desired gross margin specifications
  8. SRP Price List (can be customized to include UPC, PLU, Costs, Margin etc…)
  • UPC File Management
  • Random weight, exact weight and DSD UPC management capability
  • Supply Costs and Descriptors can be assigned to each item Reporting
  • Category Management Capabilities
  • Sales tracking by item, category or department Cost or Retail Price Change Reports
  • Recipe costing by ingredient supported and linked to ingredient declaration fields
  • Raw ingredient product costs linked to SRP fields


The potential effects of the Scale management program will be efficient file maintenance, Constant cost and suggested retail updates on ingredient cost change, Accurate-scanning capabilities, and faster change results. With our multi-store software we support scale communication through GENESIS GWARE, Hobart Data Gateweigh for Hobart branded scales and also others.  


New to GWARE ProSeries is our GWare PRO2GWARE. This utility allows ProSeries to directly link with our GWARE Advanced software allowing localized store controls, and database feeds at the store level. You no longer need to use Data Gateweigh for communication to your HOBART scales. Wide area networking & Enterprise clients now have the abilities to send all critical scale data to the stores in mass. This store level data is then imported into GWARE Advanced. Pricing controls are maintain, but stores can now update TPR (Temporary Price Reduction), Manager Specials, and watch over more closely critical data. GWARE Advanced, along with Universal POS can maintain scales to POS with very little user intervention.
Clients now have 100% Windows enabled software at their finger tips. Gone are the days of DOS based applications, and XP/Vista issues. GWARE is ready for you with software that works, because GENESIS is making software work, and working better!


GFTP our new FTP server, and hosting has been launched as of 11/2008. This new controller allows FTP upload, and store side automatic download, and updating of scale data. So when you don't have a VPN, or simply looking for MULTI Store support GWARE PRO and GWARE products have you covered!

GMENU our new master MENU controller keeps your desktop clean with one simple launch tool. Free with GWARE PRO.




Advanced Cost Module for Recipe costing ***. This module allows the Ingredient, Packaging, and Labor to be drawn together into the base cost. In the past costing was typically handled in the COST plus Over all Package Cost by Department & Over all Labor Cost by Department. Now GP can be handled at known fixed Cost.

The only thing people will need to remember is that costing methods can vary, and that this method only effects Recipe Costing.

*** requires additional purchase for older versions under SFP

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