Jan 2009

Nov/Dec 08

Developing solutions since 1978 GENESIS has become one of the largest solutions providers in the Grocery Industry. We have supported Grocery locations for years on all the products we sell, but now we can offer even more. With the internet we now offer additional support functions that typically required on site visits. The cost saving is in not being physically at your location. Typically 70% of your past on site cost is saved by having only tech staff come when they are really needed. Typically a repair tech can cost $200.00 for one visit, and that visit could simply be to hit the reset, or run a software update. So if this reminds you of your organization maybe its time you look to GENESIS, not only for great scale software, but for great HELP DESK Support!

Let GENESIS help with that scale back office support. Tired of not knowing did the data get to the scale? Tired of supporting users pricing issues? Let GWARE GCOLLECTOR help track down those critical issues. We support PING, Scale Status, PLU DATA Compare Files with little user intervention.

GWARE Support Help Desk -

248-358-7370 for additional info.....

Services we offer:


  1. Software Support (Windows Based)
  2. Microsoft Office Support
  3. Microsoft RMS Support
  4. Most Checkout Lane Hardware
  5. Basic Computer Support (Repairs Additional)
  6. Repair Scheduling
  7. Scale Support
  8. Remote Training/Support
  9. Label Stock Reorder
  10. Network Support
  11. Virus Management / Support
  12. Lane Monitoring
  13. and more......

Call our Sales department for additional details on how GENESIS can become your remote technical company.