Scale Lines Supported

Avery Berkel, Bizerba, DIGI, Hobart

Ishida, Mettler Toledo, Toshiba/TEC


 POS Products Supported

Catapult, L-POS, Symphony, Microsoft RMS, S4, BRData, ITRetail, StoreTender, Panasonic Retail Solution POS, GENERIC File, XML and others

GWARE PRO Series Rev FEB 2013

Additional AD pricing support, Faster Enter on New PLU, Prevents Extended Characters in Description and Ingredient Text. Added Fractional, Cool, Extended Label, Custom Recipe Support. Added PLU Review with POS/NON POS viewer. Added VPN Support, FTP Client Support, GWARE Hosting Support, Ordering Changes in PLU Make File. Discount & TPR pricing added to allow custom label for custom programs & discounts. Enhanced Recipe costing changes with Yield Pounds, and new interface. Recipe to Costing fixed with 3 point precision. Added Vendor to reporting on Recipe costing reporting. Enhanced Color Recipe tools, extended Recipe Costing Module. New WAN BRData file make features are available in PRO now. Enhanced Copy with Date Details between Zones to speed pricing. KIOSK export support. Tare by Zone with .1000th support on scales supporting this feature. Additional SYSCO, and Piggly/Wiggly cost import structures added to cost modules. Expanded support for Data Gateweigh from Hobart added. Extended Pricing Support by Category and Zone. New Reporting Gross Profit Engine to aid in ZERO Cost or Retail search.

New * Added Ingredient Enhanced, COOL, Special Message Tools, Bakery Label Export.  New Kiosk file export, and Tare by Zone to .0000 precision. Search enhanced within Tare by Zone. Added new Nutricoster Support this is a add-on function please call sales for additional information. AD II (2nd Ad On/Off and Alternate) pricing added, Enhanced VPN script for VPN2011 Tools

GWARE Advanced 2012.8 Build 23 

Changer update tool added to allow Clear of Change/Un-Changed pricing with simple one click handler. V7.1 allows faster one step create on new PLU and Ingredients. Recent added new Description PLU Finder, Auto Launch on Ingredient builds, TARE Editor for Avery Berkel Scales and General Speed enhancers. AD II (2nd Ad On/Off and Alternate) pricing added

GWARE Advanced Lite 2010.1 Build 12

New release based on GWARE Advanced for TCP/IP scales. This version is for use with Hobart Serial Based Quantum Scales. Contains 90% of all functions of GWARE Advanced. All the controls are held within the application for sending PLU, Ingredient, Category critical data.


This application along with PRO & Advanced GWARE products allows the use of Serial based scales from Hobart to be integrated into the scheduled sending of TCP & Serial scales. All data is shared and allows for Windows Based sending events. Additional support for Word Wrap functions, and full Scale Status reporting added. Full support for PLU, Categories, Ingredient Text and Nutrifacts Supported! Enhanced Discount program support for Hobart's scale line.

GWARE Reporting Tool 2010.11 Build 8 

Smaller version allowing faster previews. Additional Department level reports now available in the standard driver package. CLICK HERE

GWARE GUN 2012.12. Build 13 (STLITE 7.5)

GWGUN is the core driver for our Inventory and Ordering processing solution for Panasonic/StoreTender POS systems. The latest version adds filtering for DATE (PO) last order history and Department level selection.

GWAREONE INVENTORY 2012.12. Build 18

GWAREONE is the core driver for our Inventory solution for clients using older and out dated POS solutions where a scanner gun or a simple inventory method has failed in the past. This version addresses the use on a wide area network for piped bulk insert and report clarity.

GWARE GENSTART - 2009 Series

Again GENESIS has done it. GrocerX enabled products like GENSTART adds a backup tool for GWARE programs/data to external devices. This simple tool will launch every time you restart your computer. It makes a complete directory copy of all GWARE files pointers, allowing for faster rebuilding of data in the event of equipment failures.  The cost is *free for the software.

GWARE BIZTOOLS 2009.3 Series

GWARE enhanced tools for Bizerba SHOD Series scales is released 2009.3 Build 9. These tools allow for importing data directly into GWARE Advanced. We can also move this data into other points using our open database structures. Later this month we will be releasing features for reloading, scale stats, and other features.

GWARE GPricer 2009.10.16 Series

GrocerX GWARE enhanced tools for GWARE Advanced and RMS. Use it together or stand alone you can now contain all those costing issues into one application. It directly controls data push into GWARE Advanced and RMS 2.0 POS. Features like Avg Frt. Cost by Item, and Packaging cost round out this low cost, and simple solution for Grocery owners/managers. So GP%, and Markup are a thing of the past simple, and fast so stop spending hours in EXCEL, and spend minutes in GPricer. Wild Card search support on Description, and Reciprocal/Advanced Gross Profit calc selections supported. Latest version adds the new feature for import of vendor cost file import. Compare on file, pricing, case cost and automatically change file retails. Basic report for changed files for label, shelf tags also provided. Newly added is the import from WAREHOUSE COST file, this allows for extremely fast costing management of your critical data

GWARE SCALE Support Controller GSC2010  2013.1.10 - GSC Support Tool

Better support for PRO Series, and fixes DATE() Calls in AD Pricing, Support for DIGI, Toshiba (TEC) & Ishida, added Fractional Tool. Additions to COOL and Special Message for Hobart Scales. Added Bizerba Controller Support. Adds 20 MS wait states to sending on Scales. Avery Berkel IM/M series support added (March 09), Expanded Ingredient length support for Bizerba Scales and Delete Support on Bizerba Scales ** Below June * Updated to allow multiple scale types with new scales added from Avery Berkel, DIGI, Bizerba - Extended DiGi Scale Driver support. Extended Text Conversion Tools for Spanish Character Set. Enhanced Avery Berkel Label Font Support. Additional Support for Techs in the field to allow import from our serial based tools GCOMMSEND. Now Supports Extended WRAPPER support for DIGI, and more Avery Berkel Graphic/Label program support added. Extended DIGI Ingredient Support. New Avery Berkel Ingredient Filter support added. 2013 - Added Mettler PULL/Verify command switching added. GSC supports Mettler 84X Series Type GEN II PLU fully.


Enhanced support for QTY & By Count for touch screens. Changes in Printer Engine allowing faster to printer speeds. Net Weight markers changed for By Count types labeling. Now allows Enter price override. Enhanced GUI


Added support for Fractional Hobart scale tools, added framework for Corp/Store import for base AS400. Additional COOL, Special Message, and Ingredient Send tools for Hobart scales added. Adds 20 MS wait states to sending on Scales ** Below. Support for TPR & Disc Programs. Added support for TPR where none price flip is required. Added support for Impressions importing from PRO Series. Expanded Ingredient length support for Bizerba Scales. Enhanced 32 Bit Threading for Multi-Core Processors. Review of PLU/Ingredient Information directly from Controller. Changed made for enhanced multiple scales types in one environment. Added Group pointers. Extended DiGi Scale Driver support. Extended Text Conversion Tools for Spanish Character Set. Avery Berkel Font Support added. Extended support for Windows Event Scheduler allowing Pricing, Ingred/SPMSG sending. Extended WRAPPER support for DIGI and more Avery Berkel Graphic/Label program support added. New Avery Berkel Ingredient Filter support added. July release adds the new AD II functions to the process controller. New Post Cleanup of AD Pricing

GWARE CONTROLLER VPN2011 2011.10 Build 5

Contains all the features of GC2008 but allows multiple sending launch points and directories on a single server. You can send down up to 99 Stores or Zones from a single server location and process with offsets of 1 minute so a typical large install can support over 1000 scales processing in a given time window. Support for Windows Scheduler and 32bit extension are built in.

GWARE GLAUNCH 2011.9.0.15

This is the Cloud Tool rebuilder for clients that need midday or quick turn on pricing changes. Allows an end-user the over ride to pull down cloud data and send to the scales.

GWare GCollector Advanced for Hobart Scales 2009.4. Build 2

Developed to allow corporate accounts the selection of one scale pull down/back of data streamed during normal processing of GC2008 or Data Gateweigh. Typical us is to catch department pricing changes that are not approved. New advanced PING status collection, system details, and PLU data are now part of this support tool for enterprise clients.

GWare Universal POS Tools 2009.9.30

Developed to allow exchange of GWARE Advanced data with many standard POS applications on the market. The latest release offers basic file make for BRDATA from BRdata Service, Inc.

PRO2GWARE 1.4 Build 1 - G

GWAREHOUSE III 2011.7 Build 8

Complete rewritten user GUI Interface. Allowing downloading latest pricing from Warehouse pricing files. Ribbon tools like used on GWARE Advanced additional speed of imports. Added RMS 2.0 Support for POS Export. Additional Search tools have been added to allow looking at what is stocked/not stocked thru filters. Warehouse Web Special support added. Base CSV/TXT Reporting, Label Ordering, Filter New Items, and a host of enhanced coding changes allow faster, more complete control over your warehouse files. Supports Multiple warehouse groups, and Avery Scale Management. New Pricing Download handler which allows better firewall issues. New SETUP tool for pricing and basic updates to database to allow for future changes.

GWAREKEY 2009.2. Build 2 ** Released Feb 2009

Bizerba Flash key mapping software for CE, SHOD series scales. The quickest way to assign key mapping to PLU is with GWAREKEY software.

GTotaler 1.1 Build 9 (New)


Lock your Hobart Quantum TCP/IP scales down with this handy tool from GENESIS. Prevent pricing changes at the scale without your knowledge.

GWARE GPinger 2009.5 Build 25

Developed to fix scales that fail to return from sleep states, or where by scale simply fall from router tables mac address pointers. GPinger & ABPING (developer for Avery Berkel Scales) allows these issues to be removed typically. Many of the scale manufacturers are working to allow firmware work around, but the cost to update firmware when a scale is outside a warranty period, or no on a service call is typically to great. So if you're a GWARE user call for a low cost tool to fix this, if your using other software please take a look here for info on how to purchase these products.

GP (Printer Server)  2010.1 Build 19

Developed to handle remote printing request for our bakery software, and also remote shelf tag requests along with other special in store print jobs. The latest rev adds pricing controls for new frequent shopper programs.

GWARECP (Catapult POS Tool) 1.0 Build 3

GWARE RMS POS Tool 2009.12 Build 15

Complete rewritten to allow bi-directional passing of data between RMS 2.0 series POS. Our RMS tool is now part of the GrocerX project which allows more control to Grocery owners of data in/out of software from our POS partners. Added additional functions for Supplier, Category pointers and supplier item linking. New Pricing for Sales ON/Off added to allow Sales pricing to be overlaid onto regular pricing during a sales event.

GWARE RMS Backup Item Tool  2012.2.0.14

Allows for make files of Products, Suppliers, and Category/Department data. This allows RMS data basics to be imported from our external backup tables into other POS systems or files.

GWARE RMS AUDIT Tool 2009.5 Build 4

The fastest way to audit your over and shorts for RMS 2.0 from Microsoft. This simple tool allows filters for Amount & Batch and drill down on transactions details. So stop wondering about the details, and get GWARE RMS AUDIT part of the GrocerX series of tools by GENESIS.

GWARE Universal POS w/Symphony & L-POS Support 2009.1 Build 18

Added requested changes to file structure for LPOS and Symphony structures.

GWARE (GFTP) FTP Hosting software and Service

Developed for use with GWARE PRO and Store Side GWARE Controller this tool allows uploading to known servers of current price files, and the automatic downloading to local store side directories. The service side is hosted by our Backbone server, and includes a copy of GFTP with service contract for our server side backbone server. New Corp log file send back tooling added (FEB 09)

GWARE SUPPORT TOOL GCOLADV 2009.4 Build 20 (GWARE GCollect Advanced)

GCOLLECT Advanced allows PINGING, DIAG, STATUS REPORTING, UPDATES, and a host of other support tools for support staff, and engineers. This tool provides the missing for IT department support scales on WANS, LAN, and remotes. Supporting EMAIL to GENESIS staff or TECH DESK staff.

GWARE POS LINK  for StoreTender® POS. 2012.12.5 (STLITE)

GWARE POS Link allows for data exchanging between StoreTender Grocery POS software and GWARE Advanced scale communication software. So double entry is a thing of the past. Once setup in booth systems updated pricing is a simple click away. We now have faster store loading for first time setup, and new find/update of not in POS updating. The software now offers Windows Authentication plus TCP/IP passing of data.

**added 12.5 Rev - Last in/First out reporting on Purchase History for scan

 Genesis starts new development phase for StoreTender® POS by Aloha Data Systems - Watch for more details!

** Addition of 20 Milliseconds to the process controller in the scale comm packages is due to speed of newer computer (Over 2.4 Ghz Effected), and BOIS Firmware changes in Quantum, and other scales.

* Installation/Configuration is additional cost.